Keep Moving

Exercise.  The word means so much, yet no one wants to hear it.  We are inherently lazy, yet health looms over us every day we get older.

The best way to enjoy exercise is to abolish the word from your vocabulary.  Instead, think what you enjoy doing for recreation.  Do you enjoy nature?  Do you enjoy the woods?  Do you enjoy the beach?  All three of these have something in common:  you need to move around to see it.  Sure, you could take a chair and set up camp.  But, you would see so much more if you took a walk.  Walking makes the experience more exciting, and you don’t need to go far.  Try taking a walk in your backyard or a nearby park.  There is plenty to see, and each time you walk you will see something new.

If walking is just not your thing, you can do other activities that keep you moving, such as dancing or swimming.  No need to join a gym, but if you enjoy socializing, take a look to see if your local gym has recreation you would enjoy.   In no time you will be moving around and enjoying yourself!

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